About Us

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to conduct business in a “small town” fashion but on a global scale. To harnesses the true power of relationships (not just transactions) with customers, employees, clients, and vendors. We believe in our business and our neighbors, and strive to be leaders in our industry and our community.

Core Values

  1. We will help our neighbors and support our community.
  2. We are global pioneers in the barrel industry.
  3. We are omni-barrel.
  4. Mistakes made make opportunities to learn
  5. Everyone has a strength, and we value that.
  6. We are family; Co-workers, associates, and customers.
  7. Every sale is a chance to learn and a chance to teach.


In 2008, we launched our company by scouring the depths of New England’s lakes and rivers in search of sunken treasure – wooden treasure, that is. We dove into the history of the River Drives, the lakes and rivers that long ago were the highways and byways of tall trees and tough men.

River Drive Logo

While researching the era and salvaging the goods, we began to realize the vital role whiskey played in those times. While we were already well-versed in the bond between whiskey and wood, we were inspired by history to start Whiskey Wood® in 2012. Originally in the form of hardwood flooring reclaimed from barrels, our venture into Whiskey Wood® was intended simply as another product offering. Little did we know the impact that we would soon make on design, architecture, spirits, brewing and countless other industries.

Working with companies from all over the world, large, small, and everyone in between, we buy, sell, recondition, repair, and recycle oak barrels. We’ve revolutionized the world of barrels, and continue to engineer new and better ways to produce highly unique and quality products. From flooring in one of the top restaurants in the heart of Dubai to instruments and accessories for a global musical leader, aging programs with many of worlds top breweries, to snowboards. We pride ourselves on innovating an icon that’s been largely unchanged for nearly 2,000 years.

Our millwork shop builds many of the creative fixtures, decor, and furniture, while the cooperage handles quality barrels for phenomenal aging experiences. Our Custom Aging Platform™ allows for unheard-of flavor profiles, while our barrel alternatives provide expanded opportunities. However, it doesn’t all happen within our walls  – our innovation extends into breweries, distilleries, vineyards, and more. We prefer a consultative approach to business and are happy to share our knowledge and experience in the form of hands-on workshops, cooperative experiments, and continued product development.

Join us on our journey. We have stories to tell, goods to cherish, and great beverages to enhance.

Matt Albrecht – Founder