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Lumber & whiskey wood

Wooden barrels have been icons in our world’s history, storing everything from solids to liquids. Most iconic, however, would be the use of barrels by the spirit industries. As they were filled with alcohol and shipped abroad, many were very quick to realize the wonderful changes that took place, and barrel aging was born.

Barrel aging continues to this day and has grown into a class of its own. Wines, bourbons, rum, whiskey, whisky (there’s a difference!),  beer, and much more! From coffee beans to hot sauce, barrel aging is limited only by creativity.

Enter: River Drive.

Consider us the retirement home for used barrels, the half-way home for those tossed to the curb. We believe each and every one deserves a second, third, or fourth chance. We can see the true beauty and potential in what appear to be ordinary wooden barrels.

From bottle openers to hardwood floors, we turn ordinary into extraordinary!