Fiber Infusion Technology™

Fiber Infusion Technology

Taking barrel aging to the next level.

As you know, nothing excites a beer lover like barrel-aged beers. Wine, whiskey, tequila, rum… The residual characteristics of wine and spirits add compelling flavors to the craft brew industry’s hottest, and priciest, products. But wood is porous, and notoriously hard to clean. And getting dream barrels like sherry and cognac? That’s been virtually impossible.

Until now.

With a patent-pending process, we infuse barrels with custom flavor profiles. Sounds too good to be true, I know. But breweries across North America are already using our Fiber Infusion Technology™ (F.I.T.™) to diversify their barrel programs, and the results speak for themselves. (One brewery’s Imperial Stout, aged in F.I.T.™ Rye Barrels, recently earned a spot on’s list of Top 250 Beers in the World.)

All F.I.T.™ barrels are put through an intensive cleaning and sanitization process that includes re-toasting and testing for leaks. During the process, original spirits are pulled from deep inside the wood, returning the barrels to an almost “freshly dumped” state. We can then infuse new spirit or other flavor profiles (use your imagination!) directly into the cells of the wood.

We’re not talking about a little splash here. Picture a sponge absorbing liquid. Our unique system breathes new life into barrels by deeply infusing wood fibers at the cellular level. And unlike conventional barrels, that process doesn’t take years.

What’s your dream barrel?


Q: What can you infuse with F.I.T.™?

A: We can infuse custom flavor profiles into:

-Barrels of any size or type

-Barrel Alternatives, such as staves, cubes, spirals, and chips.

-Beans, such as Coffee and Vanilla

– Almost anything, just ask!

Q: But how is this legal?

A: We engineered the process so it follows TTB regulations, while also infusing spirit profiles into our products. Yes, we use real spirits in many of our formulas, but it’s all in the physics!

Q: What are my flavor and profile options?

A: First, choose you’re base; Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Wine, Brandy, Neutral, or Any other spirit. You can then stick with that, or add to it.

For example: Cinnamon Whiskey, Cranberry Gin, Coffee Brandy (with your own favorite roast!)

Or build your very own formula. We can use nearly any ingredient, however, These Ingredients are exempt from TTB Formulas.


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Fresh, wet, healthy barrels. Guaranteed.

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